Lights on Mattia Preti

Students invited to artistic workshop at MUŻA.

DOI/Kevin Abela

As a national-community art museum, MUŻA is regularly coming up with different events to generate interest and engage new visitors.

On Saturday 1st August at 10.30 am, Heritage Malta is inviting students aged 12 to 16 to attend the art workshop Lights on Mattia Preti at MUŻA.

This event will be focusing on the latest artistic acquisition for the national collection by the Government of Malta which consists of the monumental painting by Mattia Preti representing Boethius and Philosophy.

The painting depicts the Roman Christian philosopher Boethius (c. AD 480-524) being comforted by the allegory of Philosophy while in jail awaiting execution. This artwork was probably commissioned around 1680 by the Knight Fra Andrea di Giovanni. Following his death, the painting was passed on to the Order and was displayed at the Grand Master’s Palace at least until the 1820s. However, at one point, the painting disappeared from the island.

This year, this artistic treasure has returned back home and can be enjoyed again by the public. The painting is typical of Preti’s later works when he developed a more profound meditative style expressed by toned down compositions and a tenebrist palette.

Participants in this workshop will attend to a discussion explaining the story and the artistic qualities of this Preti painting, followed by a hands-on session which will cover some elementary art skills that are related to this materpiece.

This workshop is free of charge and may be attended by Heritage Malta’s Passport holders.

For more information, you may visit the website or follow the Facebook page.

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