Light to Human History

02/12/2018 18:37:12 Valletta

During the homily on the inauguration of the Via Lucis at the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Ħamrun, auxiliary bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said that there are times when we get contaminated by the environment around us and transmit negativity instead of positivity.

The Via Lucis are a series of fourteen stations tied with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and has been founded 30 years ago by Padre Sabino Palumbieri to emphasise what is positive and hopefully in the story of Jesus Christ.

Mons. Galea-Curmi spoke on how the Church needs to reflect on the light from God and on how he conquered death, giving us the true meaning of human history. He also stressed on the need for us to trust in God as he is humanity’s light.

He also touched on when God sent the holy spirit to gift us with its help to recognise and appreciate the word of God in order to continue on the right path.

Auxiliary bishop Galea-Curmi is urging us to be the guiding light to others in their life’s journey even in fearsome and hopeless situations.

Photos: Kurja –