Lift the veil of secrecy shrouding the power cuts, demands Opposition


Opposition deputy leader David Agius said that with the current technology, the allegation that the interconnector was damaged by a ship’s anchor can not only be easily verified but one can also pinpoint the vessel which caused the damage and the time the damage was caused. Agius said that the number of widespread power cuts across the Maltese Islands have carried over to the new year. The promise of having ‘The best of times’ by Muscat has turned into a mockery said Agius.

Observing that yet again, on Sunday evening there were widespread power cuts, Agius said that the people deserve to know the truth. “The gigantic tanker which was placed in Marsaxlokk by Joseph Muscat and his cronies has not only become a symbol of corruption but also a symbol of a failed project” said Agius. In the light of the fact that Muscat is a caretaker PM, Agius appealed to Deputy PM Chris Fearne to lift the veil of secrecy on the issue and say if there is any form of insurance which would hold those who cause such damages liable.