Watch: Lifeline will arrive in Malta tonight – Muscat

Muscat presser fearne farrugia
Ian Noel Pace

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

LIVE: Il-PM jgħid x'se jiġri mill-immigranti fuq Lifeline

Posted by on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat said that eight countries are willing to take in migrants who are contained on Lifeline, which is expected to arrive in Malta this evening.

During a press conference for the international media, Muscat said that the countries participating in these arrangements are Malta, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Muscat said the ship is expected to enter Malta tonight but the exact time is unknown. He said he had already sent the order so that the ship begins its journey.

The Prime Minister also confirmed that the ship will be retained by the authorities upon arrival Malta as part of the investigation. He said that the situation was complicated by a captain who refused to obey international rules or the instructions of the Italian authorities.

Muscat recalled how this person has already been transferred to Malta by the Maltese Armed Forces for medical reasons. He said that the Armed Forces also went three times near this vessel to provide him with all the necessary supplies.

Asked by on whether the Maltese centres are ready for the influx of migrants, Muscat replied that they were and will always be ready. He said that French experts are coming to Malta in the coming hours to assist in the necessary processes.

During question time Muscat said that this was a unique case which did not involve any disagreement between any countries. “For the public, this case looks like any other ship, but in fact it is really a unique case.”