Lifeline crew donates hundreds of blankets to Ħal Far centre

Mission Lifeline

Crew members from the civil search and rescue NGO Mission Lifeline donated hundreds of blankets to the residents at both centers in Ħal Far Camp after learning that the asylum seekers were feeling cold at night.

Mission Lifeline

Speaking to, Marc Tilley from Mission Lifeline said that over the months they have developed a very good relationship with the migrant community at Ħal Far. He explained that the crew members have made an effort to understand the needs of the asylum seekers especially after learning that women and children were now being housed in what has traditionally been recognised the men’s centre of Ħal Far tent village.

It emerged that the women and children were suffering due to the chillier weather in winter. The NGO stepped in on Sunday by donating hundreds of blankets to both centres, describing the act as a gesture of solidarity. The NGO observed that often the migrant community was the first to be forgotten, however it said it was committed to keep highlighting the gaps in asylum and protection process.

Lifeline’s vessel MV Lifeline remains seized as the Captain, Claus-Peter Reisch was charged with maritime irregularities following a search and rescue operation in which 234 people were rescued from drowning and later brought to Malta after the authorities granted a port of safety.

When asked how one may help, Tilley urged anyone who would like to support the residents at Ħal Far to get in touch with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Malta on + 356 21442751.