Lifeless body and person in critical condition brought in by AFM


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A lifeless body of a person and a person in critical condition were brought to Malta, the Armed Forces of Malta said in a statement on Tuesday morning. The two men are thought to be migrants.

In a very short statement, the AFM said that it was coordinating a rescue operation of two individuals who were reported to be on board a rubber boat.

Initially it was reported that the AFM’s AW139 helicopter brought in a person who was already dead while the second person was transferred to Malta by the AFM’s naval asset P52. The AFM later clarified in a second statement where a photo of the rubber boat was published with the men on board that the first person who was dead was brought to Air Wing Base, Malta, by the AFM’s AW139 helicopter while the second person was transferred by the AFM’s P52.

Armed Forces of Malta

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On Monday evening, reported that a rescue operation was underway in the Central Mediterranean, when a distress case was reported.

A spokesperson confirmed to that assets from the Armed Forces of Malta are currently involved in the SAR operation. They also confirmed that they had been notified of the situation just over the hours earlier.

It is understood that the AFM asset is a twin-engined Augusta Westland AW139 maritime patrol helicopter. According to mapping information, the helicopter is designated SAR2345.

Norwegian-flagged ship Ocean Viking rescued another 105 asylum seekers who were handed out life-jackets just before the rubber boat burst. A total number of 356 asylum seekers are now on board the search and rescue vessel operated by SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders (MSF).