A LIDL dilemma for Fgura residents

Fgura Mayor Pierre Dalli, told Newsbook.com.mt that the Local Council has not yet taken a position regarding the LIDL establishment development site which is currently a scrap yard, in Dejma Street.

Pierre Dalli said that the only objections to the project were related issues of noise and parking.

He explained how last week, LIDL company officials met with the Local Council and presented a project plan. Riccardo Magarini, Regional Coordinator of the LIDL company Development, assured the Council that the plan will guarantee ample room for parking.

The Council, in turn, discussed the plan at a meeting last Wednesday, but has not yet agreed if the Council approves or objects this establishment.

He said that first a meeting needs to be held with residents staying nearby, so they voice their thoughts about it. If necessary, the Council is prepared to prepare a meeting between residents and the LIDL officials.

Discussions will continue at a Council meeting to be held on the 25th July at 6.30pm.