LGBTI+ Gozo welcomes plans for outreach GU clinics

Beppe Galea

News that outreach GU clinics are to be held at the Gozo General Hospital has been welcomed by LGBTI+ Gozo, which has long been lobbying for such visits to be held.

The NGO has long lamented the lack of sexual health services on Gozo, which constrains any Gozitan seeking such services to take the ferry to reach the Genito-Urinary Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital.

But it noted that the Health Ministry’s new open call for a new consultant in genito-urinary medicine, who would be responsible for the running of the GU clinic, states that the chosen individual will hold outreach GU clinics at the GGH and in the community.

“The organisation, which has been lobbying for such visits in Gozo for the past 5 years, praises these new visits in Gozo. It celebrates the fact that when we act for the common good, everyone wins,” it said.

Nevertheless, the NGO sought more details on the matter, asking whether the planned visits to Gozo would be on a periodic basis, and if so, how often they would happen.

It also asked Health Minister Chris Fearne to elaborate on any plans to revive Malta’s national sexual health strategy, which, it said, “has been out of date since it was published in 2011.”