‘Let’s remember all those who strive for justice within the party’ – Evarist Bartolo

Luke Zerafa

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and longtime Partit Laburista activist called on party supporters to remember all those who strive for justice within the party as its 100 year anniversary approaches. He said that one should remember the thousands of men and women that believed in the ideals of the party and worked for its principals.

An example of such an individual would be Ġanni, a dockyard worker, Bartolo explained. Ġanni would participate in the 1958 protests called by Dom Mintoff against colonial rule. He explained that Ġanni would escape unharmed, however, his friends were beaten by the police. He added that the man would participate in the industrial action called by General Workers’ Union against planned lay offs and demanding better work conditions. ‘Ġanni would spend his life striving for justice and fighting for better conditions for the most vulnerable,’ Bartolo explained. He added that Ġanni would always help those in need, and despite leading a modest lifestyle, he and his family lived a happy life. Bartolo said that Ġanni died seven years ago. ‘Had Ġanni been alive today, what would he say?’ Bartolo asked.

Bartolo noted that a person like Ġanni never used the party to put his hands on public land or government contracts or sought preferential treatment.

The Employment Minister noted that the basis of the economy have changed, while the dockyard shrunk. He explained that Ġanni represented a number of people working in various sectors, as he appealed for these individuals ‘not to be betrayed’.

Citing Ġużè Ellul Mercer in today’s platitude, Bartolo said that the values in which both Ġanni and Ellul Mercer believed in, were still relevant. These values are the foundation of the Partit Laburista, Bartolo said. He remarked that cherishing these values and striving to uphold them does not make one old-fashioned.