“Let’s offer migrants a bed in our home”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“Let’s welcome stranded migrants in our homes,” popular TV presenter Peppi Azzopardi said as he launched a personal initiative aimed at welcoming migrants currently stranded at sea.

"Jiena u familji oħra nixtiequ nġibu l-immigranti joqogħdu għandna" – Peppi Azzopardi

Posted by Peppi Azzopardi on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Azzopardi has written to Prime Minister Robert Abela saying that several families were ready to participate in this initiative. This would reduce the pressure on the state, he noted.

In a new vlog published on social media, Azzopardi remarked that this is the right time for such an initiative to be put into practice. “Many families are at home, working from home, and therefore they could be constantly with these migrants and understand better how grave the situation is. This is also an opportunity for them to learn from one another and live as a family”.

Peppi Azzopardi appealed to those who would like to host migrant families or a number of migrants who have had clearance from the health authorities during the coronavirus pandemic to get in touch with him on 79477733 or via email on peppiazzopardi@gmail.com or by sending a private message over Facebook.

Following a lengthy discussion with his family, they agreed to host migrants at their house.

He made it clear that if the initiative comes into being, it would be completely voluntary without expecting any payments from the authorities.

Azzopardi also requested the authorities to monitor host families to ensure that migrants are treated as family members.

Azzopardi said that some are insisting that the migrants currently stranded at sea are rescued and sent back to Libya from where they left. He highlighted that Libya is a war torn country and is still in a state of civil war. The popular TV and radio presenter who was in Libya in the past spoke of the torture that migrants suffer in Libya. He said that some are killed while others are raped. He also referred to a Maltese national caught in Libya who took to social media and said: “From where I am I can hear continuous shelling. It’s scary. I want to come back to Malta.”