Listen: Let us hope for better days – Former Ac Milan player Filippo Galli

While it might be more dangerous for the elderly as they are weaker, everyone should be very careful as the virus is very strong.

“The strangest thing about this whole situation is that we are fighting an invisible enemy. We cannot see it, however it is so strong, it is very difficult to defend oneself against it.” These were the opening words of Filippo Galli, ex Ac Milan player when speaking about the onslaught of the Coronavirus in Italy during Newsbook hour on 103

It is important not to underestimate the problem, and especially to obey the orders being issued by the authorities. Underrating the seriousness of the situation could leave devastating results, and Italy is proof of this, as the country did not take immediate precautions with social distancing. The situation has become better now, and Galli has been isolated in self quarantine at his home for the past three weeks, only going out a couple of times for some groceries.

“I have been inside my house for the past three weeks, and it’s for the best as in this way the virus will not spread, it is the only way to control and stop it.” Filippo said he manages to keep himself occupied finding many activities to do, using his computer, and through the various means of communication available today. However, he understands that self-isolation is obviously more difficult for people with young children, maybe even for the elderly who feel more alone.

He spoke of the sense of boldness of youths – they feel invincible, indestructible, a little bit superheroes. Filippo gave youths a stark warning, advising them that it is better to stay put for the next few weeks rather than risk falling ill or spreading the virus to others – everything can be lost in the blink of an eye. 

Galli acknowledged that while it might be more dangerous for the elderly as they are weaker, everyone should be very careful as the virus is very strong.

He advised everyone to follow the instructions of social distancing, even though staying at home might be difficult, reminding the younger generation that they virtually have the world at their fingertips through social channels and the internet. 

The cancellation of all sports activities on a global level should give perspective about our helplessness when faced with such situations. “We have to do away with sport, we have to live without our beloved football, which previously filled up all our evenings … however there are various TV channels which are broadcasting old games… showing a Milan which still won games, so maybe there are advantages after all!” Galli managed to joke. “Let us hope for better days all round!”

Ironically, this situation has helped humanity to unite against a greater evil, putting aside personal and political differences to fight against a common enemy.

While these are difficult days when we might be forced to keep away from our loved ones, we hope that at the end we will all be able to beat this invisible virus which is threatening humanity. 

Galli concluded, “We need to stay united by saying inside, safe in our houses. … These are hard days, maybe another month or two of sacrifices. I have no idea how long this will take, but at the end I think it will be worth it, we will be able to go back to our normal lives.”

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