Let us build our country anew – Adrian Delia

Dr Adrian Delia, leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista said that his party is open for dialogue with all those who have the common good at heart to find a way of building our country anew. Civil society , trade unions, the Church and everyone who has the country at hear should keep on making their voices heard by different means of active citizenship.

Delia’s speech was broadcast by Net TV.

“Let us fight for justice”

Delia underscored the need to get out of the present crisis by fighting for full justice in relation to the case of the assasination Daphne Caruana Galizia. He called for just, legitimate and strong stuctures that authentic and clean politics necessitate. No room should be left for corruption, no less in the administrative sphere.

Dr Delia further noted that the dealings of Dr Muscat left a negative impact on every segment of the country, namely the social, cultural, economic and political sphere.

The Nationalist party is looking beyond the immediate situation but is more after the roots of corruption, with a keen eye for the lessons that can be learned and the measures that can be taken to prevent a similar case from happening, said the leader of the PN.

Honesty and transparency

Dr Delia said that the Partit Nazzjonalista was moving forward from opposing the present wrong doings to proposing concrete initiatives to show that the party  is willing to shoulder its responsibility by taking several for the holistic wellbeing in the country. The common themes among Delia’s proposed measures are more transparency and honesty.

He proposed that the President or the Republic and the Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority, among others, should be approved by two thirds of the Members of Parliament. He further proposed that the remit of the Permanent Commission against Corruption should be widened and that the Commission be given more powers.  A public service broadcaster truly independent from Government was another initiative proposed by the leader of the PN.