Let the sunshine in

A new project by YMCA in collaboration with Listening to You (online therapy).

Every Wednesday at 6.00 pm, starting on the 2nd July, a series of webinars on the YMCA Malta will be available on the Facebook page, where qualified and accredited professionals in the helping profession will discuss various topics from a psychological perspective.   

The first webinar will be centred around life stages.

All of us pass through different life stages, from birth to the grave. At each life stage, we acquire precious new life-skills, and each subsequent life-stage builds on the foundations of the previous one. Healthy development is flexible in nature. It allows us to continuously adjust to our changing environment and our newly emerging roles and responsibilities. However, if healthy development is thwarted during our earlier years, it can sometimes lead to role confusion and relationship problems in adulthood.

The good news is that, regardless of age, it is never too late for our personality to blossom and grow. With appropriate therapeutic support, we can still acquire and enjoy the invaluable life-skills that we were deprived of in our earlier years.  

This content was supplied by YMCA Malta