‘Lent can help the rebirth our hearts and souls’ – Archbishop Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Scicluna explained that Lent can help for the rebirth of our hearts and souls. It allows God to grow in our lives again.

The Archbishop explained his message for Lent during a mass on the occasion of Ash Wednesday which was celebrated at the Curia’s chapel, Madonna ta’ Manresa, in Floriana.

Archbishop Scicluna listed three main elements of Lent; charity, prayer and fasting. He said that if people believe they should be kind to others and offer help, pray or fast for Lent then they should not do it for the sake of what others think about them as they would have lost the true meaning of Lent.

He also mentioned how praying could be an experience of dialogue with God that leads to His mercy. Archbishop Scicluna said that during lent Christians need to pray for all those who lost their contact with the Holy Father.

Archbishop Scicluna then referred to the Papal visit in May. He said that while preparing to welcome Pope Francis, the Holy Father is inviting all of us to prepare for the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He then mentioned how Pope Francis will visit the Maltese Islands 50 days after Easter and that the Maltese should take the opportunity of the Pope’s visit to heal wounds that have wounded society.

The Archbishop thank all those who are currently planning the Pope’s visit to Malta. He thanked them for their commitment and for their patience to make sure the Pope’s visit turns out to be successful.