Lean months ahead for language schools warns FELTOM CEO

James Perry, CEO of FELTOM, the federation of English language teaching schools in Malta has expressed concern tha the coming months my be very lean for this burgeoning industry and that about 1,300 jobs may be lost. This, he said is all down to Coronavirus. Speaking to Jes Saliba on 103 Malta’s Heart, Perry said that the situation is being carefully monitored but the indicatrs are that the coming months will be very lean.

Observing that the winter months are called ‘the quiet months’, Perry said that the schools try to target unusual destinations such as Columbia, Brazil and Japan. These students normally come for a longer stay. Perry said that the EU is permitting travel for education since the stay is longer and the possibility of having quarantine is real. This, said Perry could enable the language schools to keep the economic wheel turning. “Unfortunately, we have not yet reached an agreement and we are pushing so that we can keep the industry afloat,” said Perry. Markets like Germany, France and Italy he added, are now again overcome with cases as is Malta but the travel is for education not leisure, which makes a difference.

Perry insisted that masks and social distancing are in place as well as sanitizing. He added that the impact of  Covid on this market will also be felt by the accommodating families, transport and activity providers.