Leaders of the country unite behind Newsbook.com.mt’s petition to save the children

Over three thousand persons signed the petition raised by Newsbook.com.mt to keep 22 children from being expelled from Malta. The thousands of signatures were gathered in twenty-four hours ranging from concerned citizens to leaders of the nation including President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Mr Speaker Dr Anglu Farrugia, Leader of the Opposition Dr Adrian Delia, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi as well as various MPs and MEPs, academics and opinion-makers.

The petition has now been declared ‘victorious’ and has been closed.

The initiative was taken following an article on The Sunday Times of Malta which reported that 22 children were going to be expelled from Malta because their families’ income did not reach the standard required.

The comments left by hundreds of persons showed indignation at the mere thought that children could be separated from their parents. Several quoted that parts of the stories on Newsbook.com.mt which showed that this draconian measure by Identity Malta was being taken when the family income shortfall was marginal. Many felt that this was not the face of Malta and that such an expulsion would give the message that foreigners in Malta are being exploited. Others saw the policy as unjust, adding that some have been living in Malta for so long that they have no relationship with the country their parents came from.

The Signatories included

  • President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and Mr Preca
  • Mr Speaker Dr Anglu Farrugia
  • Leader of the Opposition Dr Adrian Delia
  • MEP Roberta Metsola
  • MPs Karol Aquilina, Ryan Callus, Mario Galea and Therese Comodini Cachia
  • MEP candidates Arnold Cassola and Cyrus Engerer
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing Prof Andrew Azzopardi
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof Colin Calleja
  • Former Rector Prof Juanito Camilleri
  • Former Pro Rectors Prof Josef Lauri and Prof Mary Anne Lauri

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli said that the laws are there so that children can have a decent life.