Law students call out UoM for “factual inaccuracies” over exams issue

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The law students’ university association GħSL has called out University for the alleged “factual inaccuracies” in a press release it issued. GħSL has spoken in favour of students being assessed through assignments rather than exams done at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though University has said that most of the assessing of law students will be done through assignments, the students are claiming that half of the courses they follow will be assessed through a home exam. According to them, 16 of 31 exams have been changed to home exams, 7 have changed to assignments and it has not yet been established what will happen with regards to the remaining 8 study-units. These 31 study-units are spread out over all the law course students, ranging from the first years to the ones completing their final year of the course.

A source close to University told that if the students’ request were to be accepted, the assignments for study-units with 10 ECTS will need to be at least 10,000 words long. The source said that this would cause the students even more anxiety, as one assignment would be nearly as long as a dissertation.

The law students said that they cannot understand how the lecturers were allowed to change the assessment method without giving a reason. This is the students’ reason for appealing to the Heads of Departments to make balanced decisions.

The students have also appealed to the Faculty of Law to keep the traditional method assessments where possible, instead of adopting measures which have not been tested yet. They said that this needs to be done to safeguard the students’ mental health, and so that the students will be academically tested in a just manner.

The press release issued by University claimed that no vote was taken about this issue during the Faculty Board meeting, whilst the students are calling this claim untrue. They said that the Faculty Board members registered their vote, but the student representatives were not allowed to do this.

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