Law protecting whistleblowers – Casa

David Casa

David Casa, Head of Nationalist Party Delegation in the European Union started his negotiations in the European Parliament for a new EU law protecting whistleblowers.

Being incharge of the negotiations in the name of the European People’s Party (EPP) within the Comittee for Employment and Social Affairs Committee, Casa claimed we need to learn from Maria Efimova’s and Jonathan Ferris’s cases by creating means to protect whistleblowers when they expose those the highest authorities.

According to a press release published by Casa’s office, the report issued by the MEP on the protection of whistle blowers last year was approved with an overwhelming support by the Committee. It led to the current European Commission’s proposal for a broader law to protect whistleblowers.

He said Efimova’s, who was taken to court after being accused by Pilatus Bank is a perfect example of a whistleblower who paid a price for telling the truth. Efimova won her extradition case in an Appeal Court in Greece. Casa was one of the witnesses in the case. He also referred to the case of the ex-FIAU investigator, Jonathan Ferris.