Latest official updates on Covid-19 in Malta

woman wearing a mask on a bus stop
Monique Agius

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There are a total of 18 patients who have tested positive to the novel coronavirus, with one patient having recovered according to the latest figures by the government. The health authorities stressed that in every case it involved a person who was abroad and returned to the country, and therefore no local transmission has taken place.

The government is publishing a daily Covid-19 bulletin on the issue. In its bulletin, new measures and directives are highlighted.

Aid measures

On Saturday, a number of measures were announced by the government in a bid to help businesses operating in tourism, hospitality, transport and manufacturing. These are the first set of proposals unveiled by the government. The first aid package will amount to €100 million.

  • Provisional tax, VAT and social security payments will be postponed for the months of March and April
  • A scheme is to be launched through which refunds wll be given for expenses that business which invest in teleworking incur
  • Payments owed by Government to businesses will be accelerated so as to help protect their liquidity

A directive by the Head of Civil Service lays down for teleworking requests by public sector employees to be accepted in their entirety, whilst allowing for everything possible to be done so that similar requests are also accepted, as long as work carried out and service to clients remains consistent.

A Legal Notice on quarantine was published, which gives the employee quarantine leave without loss of income in cases where the employee is legally obliged to follow quarantine, that limits them to a fixed zone or place as determined by the health authorities.

Measures against Covid-19

  • Law Courts and Local Tribunals will be closed. The same applies for all national museums in the country
  • Open-air markets, apart from those selling foods, will also be closed
  • Food market selling points have to keep 20 metres away from each other
  • Esplora will also be kept closed. The same applies to Day Care Centres
  • Access through supervision for children, both for those under care order, and even those who aren’t has similarly been stopped
  • Corradino Corrective Facility and detention centres will not be accepting visitors till 19 March
  • Helpers will start buying elderly persons food and medicines only

Food storage

The government has repeatedly urged the public to remain calm and rational. It advised against panic buying. The major food importers and supermarket owners have informed government that food supplies are more than enough. They do not foresee any serious issues for the foreseeable future. Consumer are being urged to continue with their usual purchases, without panic or confusion


  • 111 – For those who feel symptoms of Covid-19 or who wish further information
  • 22042200 – for Maltese residents who were caught in one of the high-risk countries and wish to return to Malta
  • 21411411 – for those in mandatory quarantine who require provisions of food and medicine
  • 25981000 – for those who have questions about the educational sector and the impact of the coronavirus
  • 21692447 – for hoteliers and tourists who have questions about the announced measures

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