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Watch: Life is measured by our care for others – Repubblika president-elect

We cannot measure life by a number but on how much we care about others said Alessandra Dee Crespo, president elect of the Rule of Law NGO, Repubblika.

Boy’s letter for Santa transformed into real gifts by POU

Although January is already halfway the Christmas spirit is still strong amongst the members of the Police Officers’ Union. Today they presented the beautiful sum of € 1,420 and various vouchers and gifts to a family in need.

45% of Caritas service users are without income

A Caritas Europe report shows that over 45% of users of Caritas services in Malta are “Without Income”. That means that the users find themselves completely absent of any form of stable income the study explains.

Gender imbalance should be addressed properly – ADPD

Addressing gender imbalance is long overdue but it should be addressed properly said ADPD. However, the proposal presented by the government to address this imbalance in Parliament is both degrading and discriminatory declared Sandra Gauci, ADPD spokesperson.

Elderly deaths following vaccine being analysed in Norway

According to Norway’s medicines agency adverse reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine may have contributed to the deaths of some frail and elderly patients.

175 new Covid-19 cases; 2,749 active cases

Malta registered 175 new coronavirus cases overnight, the health authorities announced on Saturday.

A vaccine that requires no needle or syringe is needed- WHO

The world needs multiple vaccines that work in different populations in order to meet global demand and end the COVID-19 outbreak. Ideally, those will be single-dose vaccines that do not require a cold chain, could be delivered without a needle and syringe and are amenable to large-scale manufacture.

Police positive to Covid-19 should be allowed to use quarantine leave – MPA

The Malta Police Association reiterated its complaint sick leave is being deducted when officers tested positive to Covid-19 must remain at home. The association said that these days should be deducted from quarantine leave.

MDA announces over €3 billion in property sales

Malta’s property industry last year managed to pump into Malta’s economy more than €3 billion in property sales, leaving into public coffers hundreds of millions in taxes, despite the unprecedented global pandemic.

Cassola complains with Commissioner of Standards about Borg’s blasphemy

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola wrote to the Commissioner for Standards George Hyzler complaining on the alleged blasphemy by Minister for Transport Ian Borg.

HSBC asked to reconsider from introducing new charges

HSBC was asked to reconsider its position on Customer Account Fees announced the said Central Bank of Malta and the Malta Financial Services Authority in a joint statement.

TV series Dynasty is 40 years old

Believe it or not, four decades have passed since the first episode of American television series Dynasty, which dealt with the wealthy, dysfunctional Carrington and Colby families.

Gżira Council questions the legality of the appeal proceedings

Gżira Local Council ramps up the action to defend community garden by filing two lawsuits in connection with the relocation of a fuel station to part of the garden.

Industrial dispute if vaccine logistics are not improved – MUMN

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) will be declaring an industrial dispute if the logistics for vaccine delivery is not improved.

Six EU states say Covid vaccine delivery delays ‘unacceptable’

Six EU member states said in a reaction to Pfizer's temporary delay to the deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines is "unacceptable.”

Watch: Daily Mass and the Rosary

On this page, newsbook.com.mt is broadcasting daily mass at 9:30am, prayer at 3pm and the rosary at 5:30pm.

State advocate gets new office

During the inauguration, the justice minister underlined the importance of having a premises from which the state advocate could operate.

Finance Minister’s intentions on tax regime should be clear – PN

On Friday, Finance Minister Caruana hinted at possible changes to the taxation system while he spoke about Malta's need to remain competitive and of having a tax regime which is in line with global thinking.

Watch: Claims about Gozo hospital speculative – Steward; ‘Ongoing discussions’ – Abela

Steward Health Care Malta dismissed claims that it will no longer operate Gozo General Hospital as purely speculative as Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the claims were made to cause panic reiterating that the discussions are still ongoing.

Watch: Oliver Scicluna to be co-opted as MP

The discussion will be held this evening

Watch: Abela did not recuse himself on hitman’s pardon

He denied having a conflict of interest insisting that he acted according to his conscience.

Pfizer to limit vaccine deliveries temporarily to Europe

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was the first to be approved in Europe by the European Medicines Agency and the first doses arrived in Malta on Boxing Day.

A week of prayer for Christian unity

The Diocesan Ecumenical Service during the week of prayer will take place on 22 January at 6.30pm.

Here comes the bride… and her ‘nannas’!

When UK Covid restrictions meant that her bridal plans were scuppered, Megan Kennedy asked her grandmothers Mary and Gillian to walk her down the aisle.

Transport Malta launches new quarterly publication

'T21 – The Transport Malta Quarterly' is a new Transport Malta publication which was launched on the 15th January 2021.

193 Covid-19 cases registered; 2,643 active cases

Daily coronavirus update

Watch: Woman succumbs to Covid-19; 16 in intensive care

Malta to start publishing daily vaccine numbers

The BOV Calendar 2021 – a showcase of Maltese artists

BOV 2021 calendar celebrates local artists.

Watch: Abela and Grech – real change or more of the same?

This Saturday on 103 Malta’s Heart at 10:00am Prof. Andrew Azzopardi will discuss the subject together with Dr George Vital Zammit, Dr Katya Degiovanni and Sandra Gauci.

Man forges swab test result

The man had never taken a swab test at Saint James Hospital, with the laboratory confirming that the document was not an authentic copy.

HSBC Malta simplifies business client experience

HSBC improves digital strategy and increases efficiency.

Business First increases its client contact by 367% in 2020

When compared to 2019 and 2018, there was a 367% and 427% increase respectively in client contact.

Watch: Pandemic more devastating than 2008 recession – Finance Minister

The event will be streamed on Newsbook.com.mt.

Watch: Foster parents need more support to care for vulnerable children

Dr Zerafa confirmed that in Malta there are around 400 children which are being fostered.

Watch: Helping children with autism understand socially acceptable behaviour

A new mobile app called SOFA which aims at making life easier for persons on the autism spectrum and their relatives/caregivers, was recently launched by Inspire Foundation.

Over 93 million persons infected with Covid-19 globally

Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 93 million persons were infected with Covid-19

6.2 earthquake strikes Indonesia

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia has killed at least ten people, injured hundreds and damaged many buildings.

Biden’s inauguration rehearsal postponed because of security concerns

The rehearsal is now planned for Monday, according to POLITICO.

Berlusconi admitted to hospital

Silvio Berlusconi was admitted to hospital to have cardiac tests. He said that he worries for the Covid-19 victims and their families.

Stewards leaving Gozo by end of the month – Chris Said

Till the end of this month Steward will be leaving Gozo and the Gozo General Hospital will be returned to the government said Dr Chris Said PN MP.

Intolerable situation at overcrowded Gozo law courts

Lawyers at the Gozo law courts this morning complained about the intolerable situation of overcrowded halls without observance of Covid-19 measures.

“No need for alarm” – MaltaPost regarding 3 Covid cases

MaltaPost allegeady, did not inform its employees that a case of coronavirus was identified at the Sorting Hub in San Gwann.

Betal Trade FX not registered nor licensed by MFSA

The Malta Financial Services Authority said that Betal Trade FX is not a Maltese registered Company nor licensed or otherwise authorised by the MFSA.

EU funds for consumer-centred projects

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) has applied for European funds to run two projects that put the consumer at the heart of the economy.

Medical specialists warn to follow protocols during carnival recess

A number of Medical Specialist Associations are disturbed by the resurgence in the number of Covid-19 cases over the festive season.

MEPs scrutinizing EU-UK Trade deal

The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Committees held a first joint scrutiny meeting on the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

PBS is obliged to report what civil society says – Repubblika

The Public Broadcasting Service is obliged to report what civil society is saying said Repubblika. The proposals published by the Civil Society NGO were ignored by the public tv station.

Pope Francis receives Covid vaccine

Matteo Bruni, the Holy See spokesperson, confirmed that both Pope Francis and Pope emeritus received the Covid vaccine.

Siegfried Fischbacher of Siegfried & Roy passes away

Siegfried Fischbacher, who together with Roy Horn made up the duo Siegfried & Roy, has died aged 81.

MAM to withdraw industrial dispute when Dr Grech is reinstated to Covid-19 team

The Government agreed with the Medical Association Malta (MAM) that Dr Kenneth Grech should be reinstated to the Covid-19 advisory team, however, only when his new task is completed.