Watch: 14 new coronavirus cases in 24 hrs

"The exit from this situation will happen when the vaccine against coronavirus is available"

The Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci gave the latest details on coronavirus cases in Malta and Gozo.

The details announced today are the following:

  • Recovered cases: 7
  • New cases: 14
  • Swab tests in 24 hours: 1321
  • Active cases: 73
  • Total positive cases: 522
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Amy Borg
12:55 Prof. Gauci said that the exit from this situation will be when we will have the vaccine against coronavirus available.
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12:54 She also appealed to the public especially to the most vulnerable to stay in and stay safe as we are still in the local transmission phase.
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12:53 Regarding the masks and visors, Prof. Gauci said that we need to clean them to avoid the possibility of contamination.
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12:49 Prof. Gauci said that if there is the possibility for workers to work through the teleworking system she suggested employers to continue facilitating this however she also said that authorities understand that teleworking cannot apply to all jobs and in such scenario workers and employers are encouraged to follow the basic measures to not contract or transmit the virus.
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12:47 Regarding a possible spike in the number of cases within the ENT ward at Mater Dei, prof. Gauci said that authorities have carried out testing and individuals have been put under quarantine.
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12:45 The reason why the number of healthcare workers who are testing positive to coronavirus is increasing is due to the testing carried out and also random testing is being carried out on healthcare workers.
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12:43 Regarding the ventilation system at Mater Dei, Prof. Gauci said that the maintenance is carried out on a regular basis.
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12:42 She then reiterated the importance of wearing the facemask or the visor to protect each other.
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12:40 Four out of the new cases are healthcare workers and 2 are patients.

Prof. Gauci said that healthcare workers are also exposed to the community and there they too can be exposed to the virus.
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12:40 Prof. Gauci is currently delivering the updates in English
Amy Borg
12:31 The new 14 cases:

A 58-year-old male who works as a healthcare worker at St Vincent de Paul
A 23-year-old male from Sudan. He was being treated at Karin Grech Hospital for rehab.
A Maltese male aged 84 who is a patient at Karin Grech hospital
Maltese woman aged 37. She was in contact with a person who already tested positive to the virus
Maltese male aged 28 he is too a healthcare worker within the ward at Mater Dei where authorities were carrying contact tracing
Maltese woman aged 49. She is too a healthcare worker
38-year-old male healthcare worker

7 other cases which resulted from local transmission through the community:

Italian male aged 44
Maltese male aged 54
Maltese male aged 33 – he had no symptoms but wanted to get checked
Female aged 27 from Macedonia
Male aged 27- he was working from home
Maltese female aged 32 – She went to the emergency department due to other health issues
Maltese male aged 31 – He had no symptoms but is considered as vulnerable and therefore he has been admitted to Mater Dei Hospital
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12:30 Number of active cases is now 73 and the total number of confirmed cases stands at 522 out of which 443 have recovered from coronavirus.
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12:30 Total no of new cases: 14
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12:29 The total number of people recovered in the last 24 hrs: 7
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12:29 Prof. Gauci is addressing the press conference now
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12:21 The press conference, addressed by the Superintendent for Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci is expected to start at 12:30 pm.
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