Last night’s result shows the failure of Brexit

REUTERS/Toby Melville

So says Andrea Pisauro, the UK coordinator for the Take A Break From Brexit campaign, referring to the result of the Brexit vote last night. caught up with Pisauro in the aftermath of what is considered a bruising defeat for UK Prime Minister and her withdrawal agreement from the European Union.

May’s deal thrashed; no confidence motion debated tomorrow

It’s been 24 hours since the ill-fated Brexit deal was defeated by a majority of 230 votes.  But for many, including Pisauro, the result was expected.

‘Theresa May triggered Article 50 without a plan, without an agreement with her Cabinet, without including the Opposition parties. The discussions were done in secret. She did everything wrong and she can only blame herself for a failure which has been two years long.’, Pisauro says.

But, what sticks out most from the result is that people didn’t get a say in its formation.  He explains that this lack of democracy from the beginning, encouraged the formation of the Take A Break From Brexit campaign. Its aim, to democratize the process.

‘The only thing she said that was right was address that the house clearly doesn’t support her deal, but it’s still not clear what the house actually supports.’

This latter point is something that was echoed by a number of MEPs discussing the aftermath of the Brexit deal today in the European Parliament.

MEPs debate Brexit, a day after the vote in UK Parliament

Four months is too short, we need a year at least

Pisuaro explains that the next step is possibly about putting the brakes on the Brexit and buying some negotiating time from the EU.

The Scottish National Party and latterly the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, have been openly discussing the prospect of an extension. A period of 4 months has been touted currently, but Pisauro says to make the process truly democratic, you need at least a year.

It gives time for the creation of citizen assemblies to form and to offer people and communities the chance in cities up and down the country to discuss what the Brexit means to them. ‘To do a better job of democratizing Brexit’.

‘This is not democracy, this is blackmail’

‘Brexit means Brexit doesn’t really mean anything. We think that Brexit should mean what the citizens say it should mean. We should ask the citizens what it means.’, he adds.

Added to this is the understanding that there is a majority inside the House of Commons that are interested and in need of being mobilised towards the extension. But, for that to happen, there needs to be an agreement over the actual length and purpose of the extension.

For now, TABFB are looking to petition the Parliament to vote on the extension.

Brexit is currently in stalemate, it’s in complete chaos

When asked about the motion of no-confidence that came immediately after the Brexit vote occurred, Pisauro was confident the government would survive.

He believes that the government is currently being held hostage by a staunch band of No-Deal Brexiteers determined to keep the government in place until they get their desired outcome.

‘It’s a very peculiar situation with the Brexit process. It’s basically a stalemate… it’s in complete chaos.’

At the time of writing, the government has indeed won the confidence vote. The results show that MPs voted 325 to 306, in favour of the government.