Last goodbyes for latest femicide victim in Paola

The funeral of the Maria Lourdes Agius in Paola on Saturday was characterised by anguished relatives who could not bear to give their last goodbye to the last addition on the infamous list of women that have been brutally killed in Malta.

The 33-year old mother of seven had been found strangled in her bed on the 15th of September. Her partner and co-parent to three of the children is still under arrest even though he is pleading not guilty in front of the Court.

Maria Lourdes has been found dead by her own mother who shared the same residence in Paola.

Women’s Rights Foundation (WRF) was collected the necessary funds to finance the funeral in just two days from the initial appeal. However, it is also urging the general public to continue to contribute to help with the upbringing expense of the seven children amongst which an infant that Maria Lourdes untimely left behind her.