Last call for Air Malta?


    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    Finance Minister Clyde Caruana told the Sunday Times that tough decisions need to be taken regarding Air Malta. “And it’s perhaps our last chance to save the airline,” said Caruana. He said that the matter is now urgent and that the pandemic has hit the airline very badly.

    Caruana explained succinctly: Air Malta is cash-strapped. The income has been drastically reduced and the expenditure remains significant. “It cannot go on like this, which means that whatever the decision is taken on the way forward, it has to be taken purely on business considerations,” said Caruana. He added that for Malta it was crucial, as an island nation, to have its own airline. He said that Air Malta had re-patriated people in the pandemic and brought over medical supplies. It is also Air Malta which flies Maltese nationals for medical treatment abroad. “Listen, I still believe in the airline,” Caruana recalled telling the pilots.

    Not business as usual

    “Things cannot go on like this. It cannot be business as usual. Because the business-as-usual mentality was leading the airline to lose millions of euros,” warned Caruana. He added that at the moment, every cent is being scrutinised and new opportunities evaluated. He refrained from further comment since he said things were still under scrutiny. He did however sound a word of warning on MedAir: “I’m going to be very blunt, we already have issues maintaining one airline, let alone two.”