Last APS Bank quarterly update meeting for 2019

Recently, some 200 APS Bank senior officers, managers and the senior management team congregated to The Xara Lodge in Rabat for the last Update Meeting of 2019. These meetings, which complement the winter and summer Townhalls, serve to inform staff with latest updates on progress in the bank and group.

CEO Marcel Cassar introduced the event focusing on the recently announced organisation review and its purpose. CFO Noel McCarthy reported on the financial performance for the period 31 October 2019 providing analysis as well as comparisons with 2018. The highlight of the afternoon was a panel discussion led by Hervé Delpech, Chief Strategy Officer, which involved various members of staff from across the Bank who were joined by others from the audience. The theme of the discussion was the roll-out of the Business Plan 2020-2022 as it transits from that of 2019-2021 presented early in the year. It was a most enjoyable session with staff engaging and participating actively in the topics that were discussed.

Mr Delpech commented: “It is vital to keep staff informed on all that is happening in the Bank, including the many projects and the progress on the Business Plan. We engage regularly with the staff to also reinforce the importance of always keeping the customer at the centre of all our actions.”

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