KorMalta returns to choral singing

After months of inactivity, KorMalta has decided to finally return to choral singing with a project that brings the choir to its origins.

KorMalta will sing open air in an amphitheatre. It was in Greece in fact that the word ‘chorus’ was born and was related both to sing and dance.

For this reason, the choir will perform repertoire from the Renaissance to the Contemporary era, all centred on the themes of dancing together, singing together, praying together and partying together.

This is the very essence of the choir: to be united, to be together, it said in a statement.

Although the concert, named ‘KorMalta – United We Stand: From the Renaissance to Today’ will be free of charge, booking still needs to be made beforehand here.

The concert will take place on the 17th and 18th October at 5.00 pm at the Greek Theatre, MCAST Institute of Creative Arts complex, Mosta. 

The 37 choristers will be divided into three groups.

COVID-19 measures being taken into consideration

As soon as the health authorities published the guidelines useful for returning to singing in choir, KorMalta took steps to return to rehearse by fully adhering to these guidelines. For this reason, KorMalta started doing study sessions outdoors, in small groups of choristers, in particular at the MCAST Amphitheatre.

The project had the dual purpose of returning to meet KorMalta, and sing in person, and be a small example in their choral world, of how it is possible to return to activity by following the guidelines in a total way.

As a COVID-19 precaution, all guests’ temperatures will be taken and hands must be sanitised upon arrival. Guests will be asked to wear masks throughout the event and social distancing respected at all times.