Konrad Mizzi wants Joseph Muscat to stay

DOI - Jeremy Wonnacott

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said that he will try his best to convince Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to stay in politics, in spite of Muscat saying he would be leaving politics before the next election.

Mizzi told Saviour Balzan on his programme, Xtra, that he has no intention to leave politics himself, and he will probably be contesting for the next election even if the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat does not. The main reason being that the Government’s plan to modernise Malta is not finished yet.

Regarding the fact that the Prime Minister said he would be leaving politics before the next election, Mizzi said that he would rather the Prime Minister stay put, and fully intends on convincing Dr Muscat to this end.

The Minister was elected the first time he contested in 2013, and was made Energy Minister that very year. Despite his involvement in the Panama Papers scandal, he was re-elected in 2017 and was subsequently given the Tourism portfolio.