KNŻ welcomes measures helping the young, but regrets failure to boost mental health services


In its reaction to the economic package announced by the government on Monday, the National Youth Council (KNŻ) welcomed the measures which aimed to maintain the quality of life for the young during the pandemic.

However, it expressed its regret that there appeared to be no plans to increase mental health services, urging the authorities at least to boost existing services by advertising them amongst the young.

Limiting itself to commenting on measures affecting the young, the KNŻ said that although its proposals concerning students were being introduced after three months, it welcomed that they are being put into effect.

The government announced that working students who also receive a stipend will no longer be excluded from the wage supplement, which is being maintained until September. The KNŻ called for payments due to students to be given as soon as possible, to eliminate the discrimination which currently existed between working students and their colleagues.