Council of Europe plans to close Youth Sector; KNŻ objects

Credit: KNZ/National Youth Council

The Maltese National Youth Council is calling on the Maltese government to opposed Council of Europe proposals to end the Youth Sector because of financial problems.

KNŻ explains that on the 23rd of May, they wish that the Maltese government will set an example in voting against contingency plans which would see the Youth Sector and its years of work disappear within ‘the blink of an eye’.

The Youth body explains that the move will negatively impact European youths who have benefitted from the programme and would effectively undo, ‘years of hard work carried out by thousands of European youth.’

The Maltese Youth organisation’s comments come in light of the decision by the Council of Europe’s Secretary-General Mr Thorbjorn Jagland, to dissolve the Youth Sector of the Council, owing to budget cuts.

According to the KNŻ, the COE has been struggling because of the refusal of payments from an unspecified number of Member States associated with the body. Forty-seven Member States make up the Council of Europe.

In opposing COE’s plans, KNŻ says it has contacted the Maltese government for support to fight this proposal oppose the plans citing concerns over the future of European Youth.

‘The economic crisis which the Council of Europe is facing is potentially becoming detrimental to the upcoming generation of youths and this is why we have sent a letter to ask our Government to defend the democratic rights of Maltese and European youths by opposing these regressive plans,’

To the Maltese government KNŻ says, ‘we wish nothing more than to see our country continue leading by example in defending the rights of youth participation at a European stage and voting against the contingency plans relating to youth, with the aim of ensuring the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector remains intact.’