Revised results cause havoc

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Kindergarten assistants have been informed that the official placing results which were published back in January have been revised. The Ministry for Education has informed the kindergarten assistants of the revision via email, a couple of days ago.

Those who placed in the first forty spots were employed last February. However the educators are fearing that they will end up losing their job due to this revision.

Sources close to the Ministry said that those who initially were in the 20th spot got demoted to the 50th, which effectively means that they failed to qualify for work. On the other hand, others who initially got in the 130th have been promoted to the 40th spot.
Those who now have failed to qualify according to the revised results are not sure whether or not they will be able to retain their work.

Kindergarten assistants who hold a level 5 certificate from MCAST and experience in their field risk being fired. has seen the email in question and it seems that the original results is not in line with the criteria needed to qualify for a kindergarten assistant post.

The revision of the original results comes after a number of appeals were lodge with the Commission for Public Service, the email says.

The Ministry informed the applicants that it is taking action those who were responsible for the original results whilst invited those who have had their placing revised to contact the Ministry in the case they wish to discuss the new results. has sent questions to the Ministry for Education.