Keeping young minds entertained

This content was supplied by Data Science Malta

Sixty-two percent of children globally have no education currently. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about several disturbances, one of which being the fact that school children are unable to bee present in their school physically.

Although the vast majority of schools in various countries have quickly adopted online schooling, this is not for every school, or every student. 

In a classroom scenario, every student is the same. They all have books, or provided with ones, dependent on their parent’s earnings, they all have a desk, a chair and the ability to have a teacher physically present. Regrettably, this is not the case when children are at home.

For the vast majority of households, it is completely impossible to have a laptop or tablet available during peak hours of the day, for each of the entire family. It is also impossible to have the full attention of the student, when the entire family is in very close proximity carrying out work online meetings or answering their teacher.

To this end, Data Science Malta, has devised a series of on-demand live online lessons for children, teens and adults in various data science, A.I. and innovative technologies, which can be taken in line with their availability. They understand that it is of utmost importance to keep young brains entertained and with the current surge of work available within innovative technologies, they could not think of a better option.

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