Keeping APS Bank staff connected with The APS Times

Earlier this year APS Bank launched its new staff newsletter, ‘The APS Times’. The sudden onset of the pandemic caused a shift in working lifestyles and patterns, with the majority of staff working remotely.

‘The APS Times’ proved to be a useful tool in keeping all staff informed and engaged during these trying times.

The content includes messages from different members of management who explained how the Bank was coping in the circumstances and the support extended to staff, customers and the community. It also features articles on how to organise an optimal remote working set-up, tips on keeping a healthy mind and body and much more. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge the bank’s unseen heroes, who through their hard work have contributed to ensure the continuity of services and operations through these challenging times.

Herve Delpech, Chief Strategy Officer stated that, “The newsletter, which started off as a monthly issue, quickly changed into a weekly update. By providing timely, relevant information to employees and showing the commitment of the bank to staff well-being, the initiative proved to be a big success.”

This content was supplied by APS Bank