Agius Decelis offers wise words for elderly to keep warm

Elderly people have been advised to keep their houses warm and to dress appropriately as temperatures will decrease to 5°C over the coming days.

According to the forecast by the Meteorological Office at the Malta International Airport (MIA) the temperature will fall to a minimum of 5°C  with the highest temperature reaching 9°C on Friday.

In a statement, the Secretariat for Active Ageing advised the elderly who need to leave their homes to wear appropriate clothes, while those remaining at home should keep themselves warm.

Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing Anthony Agius Decelis encouraged the elderly to drink warm beverages such as tea and coffee, to eat soup and to keep themselves busy by doing some form of physical exercise to help them keep warm.

According to the Health Authorities, this section within society finds itself more vulnerable when temperatures decrease. The authorities advised that such persons should warm the rooms they live in so that the temperatures during the day should not be less than 21°C during the day and 18°C at night.