“Justice is served in court, not by leaving office” – Repubblika

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Rule-of-law NGO Repubblika argued that when a person fails in his role, he should be investigated, regardless of whether he was the Prime Minister or not.

This was said in light of Prime Minister Robert Abela’s speech yesterday as he was responding to journalists, insisting that former PM Joseph Muscat has already “paid the price by resigning as Prime Minister”. They were questioning this in light of the arrests made last Monday involving Muscat’s former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri.

Repubblika said that it was disgusted with the Abela’s statement that Muscat had paid for his actions because he was no longer Prime Minister. It remarked that Abela’s reasoning does not align with that of a democratic society.

“When someone fails in his duty, even if he is Prime Minister, he should be investigated and arraigned in court,”, the NGO added. Only this way will justice be served and actions are paid for, not by leaving office.

Another point made by the organisation was that in a democratic society, power is a service and not a privilege. “So we can’t understand how Abela claims that Muscat paid for his actions because he ended his position of power,” the activists insisted.

Repubblika expects the Prime Minister to muster the courage, do his duty and stop defending “his adviser” Joseph Muscat.