Just over 25% of Maltese population is obese

The National Statistics Office published an infographic to mark Anti-obesity Day 2020, being celebrated today.

According to an infographic published by the NSO to mark Anti-obesity Day 2020 (reference year 2017), 25.5% of the Maltese population is obese (compared to the EU average of 14.9%), with 33.6% of the population being classfied as pre-obese (the same percentage as the EU average).

Obese women make up 23.4% of the population, while obese me make up 27.4 of the population. 40.8 % of men (as opposed to 31.7% of women) are classified as pre-obese.

Most people (37.2%) sit while they work, with only 4 % doing work which requires heavy physical effort.

In a statement, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) said that the party had beena pioneer in designing a law in favor of healthy lifestyles which entered into force in January 2016. However, it said, during the past four years, this law has not been implemented in its entirety, especially with regard to healthy food given out in nursing homes and in day centres, as well as an obligation on local councils to organise mandatory briefings and physical activity activities for healthy lifestyles. PN called on politicians to put in place all these measures and to be a catalyst for change towards healthy lifestyles for Maltese people.