Just 100 women in AFM – Minister

Out of 1,750 persons employed with the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) only 100 are women. The Minister for Internal Affairs Michael Farrugia in an answer to a parliamentary question by  PN MP Claudette Buttigieg said that this means that only 6% of AFM employees are women.

One of the women is a Lieutenant Colonel, three are captains, one is a Major, seven are lieutenants, two are officer cadets, four are sergeants, six are bombardiers, and 50 are gunners.

The number of women enlisting in the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) is constantly on the rise.

Number doubled over 2009

In 2009 there were only 49 women enlisted in various ranks of Malta’s armed forces. While in 2009  the highest rank occupied by a woman was  that of a Major working at the Maritime Squadron as its Second-in-Command, today the top woman in the army is a Lieutenant Colonel.

The Dirghajn il-Maltin, which was a workers’ corps under military disciple set up by the Labour government on 28 January, 1975, enlisted the first woman in the armed forces on 31 March, 1975. More women were enlisted in the armed forces after the labour corps Dejma was set up  on 29 July, 1982. But the AFM enlisted its first female intake on 5 November, 1990. Thirteen female soldiers were employed with the armed forces.

Training for recruits

Minister Farrugia said that recruits take an oath to loyalty towards the citizens, the Republic of Malta, and towards the Constitution. In the following weeks, they are given the necessary training ranging from physical training, skill-at-arms, drills, and more.

According to army regulations applicants must be 18 years of age and not having attained the age of 30 years when they enlist in the armed forces. There is a minimum height of 1.57m for males and 1.52m for females.