July air temperature peaks on last day of the month

Photo by:Unsplash

Following a cooler-than-average June, the Maltese islands experienced air temperatures that were higher than expected during the month of July, according to data published by the Malta International Airport.

Eighteen July days registered maximum air temperatures that surpassed the climate norm of 31.6°C. On the last day of July, the air temperature peaked at 36°C in Malta as other parts of Europe sizzled in the heat as well.

The sea provided some respite from July’s sultry weather to many beachgoers but, at 25.7°C, the mean sea temperature was 1°C warmer than expected.

Data collected shows how a total of 365.6 hours of summer sunshine were measured during the month and the islands enjoyed anything between 7.4 and 13.1 hours of daily sunshine, with the brightest day of the month being the 29th of July.

The month of July was generally calm, maintaining a mean wind speed of 6.8 knots, which was in line with the climate norm and while 0.2 mm of rainfall are expected at this time of year, July produced only a trace amount of precipitation.