“Joyful for some, sad for others” – Bishop Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Apostolic Administrator of Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech said that Christmas would not be truly Christmas, if one does not consider the other’s pain and wounds. Love and mercy, said the bishop, are the best cures to heal what afflicts people today.

Christmas for Bishop Grech is a time in which people feel joy in their hearts while for others it might be a difficult time. He explained that for some people, Christmas celebrations are a source of sadness and heaviness.

Mgr Grech delivered his homily for the Midnight Mass held at the Gozo Cathedral in Rabat.

Remember those who are suffering

Mgr Grech said during this time of the year, he remembered the broken-hearted. He mentioned those in mourning, those who are left alone during this time of the year, those who have suffered injustice, those who have been exploited and those who are poor, among others.

The Apostolic Administrator also mentioned those who are passing through a rough time and those who have given up on living and those who have to live with their sins.

Christmas fails to be a Christian celebration for those who either do not care about the pain of others or, worse still, cause pain if not enjoy themselves hurting others, said Bishop Grech. He gave as examples those who open wounds, are haughty or do not forgive others.

Loving and caring for others

Mgr Grech explained that when Jesus was born Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. The most important swaddling clothes are loving and caring for others.
“Jesus understands that man is weak,” the Apostolic Administrator said.

The Church, like Mary, should try to heal what hurts humans today, said Bishop Grech while adding that there is no hurt or wound which the Church should not strive to heal. Excluding others is definitively not on, said Mgr. Grech.

“This Christmas each and every one of us should try to heal someone’s pain and suffering, concluded Bishop Grech.