Joseph Muscat – some Qormi farm immigrants to go back to Italy

Evicted migrants wait in a field near a farm where police evicted some 110 African migrants who had been living in stalls formerly used by cows, in Qormi, Malta August 13, 2018. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

Joseph Muscat said that some of the migrants found in a Qormi farm holding Italian travel documents will be sent back to the Bel Paese.

The Prime Minister and leader of the Partit Laburista was answering to a set of questions on the party’s radio station on Sunday, when he explained how these migrants had travelling papers from Italy and have decided to travel to Malta for better luck. These Italian documents are just travelling papers not working permits and

He continued saying that we should not rescue but help immigrants in fear of their lives to get away from their countries. He also referred to the Aquarius case and said that Malta accepted them on the territory because of the agreement that Malta made with France to disembark in transit.

He also touched on the Genoa tragedy and said that even though there is friction because of the immigrants issue between the two countries, the Maltese society is touched and shocked and that this is a lesson for all governments to take care of infrastructure and how in Malta the Mistra bridge was fixed and action will be taken on the Qormi overpass.

Finally the topic of the DBRS classification was touched where he referred to them as having issued “a clean bill of health” to the Maltese economy.