Joseph Muscat is an “international criminal” – Delia

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia has dubbed disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as an “international criminal” during a party activity at Santa Luċija party club on Sunday.

On Sunday, Delia’s speech mainly focused on the selling out of three public hospitals to a private company after he published an evaluation report the day before. A concession agreement was signed by the Government and the hitherto-unknown Vitals Healthcare Group when disgraced former Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi was still Health Minister before resigning in the wake of the Panama Papers leak.

During these past six years, the Maltese government gave over €300 million to Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) and then to Steward Health Care who were given the concession of 3 public hospitals. Between VGH and Steward Healthcare there was a sale agreement which was kept secret and which resulted in the concession of the 3 public hospitals for 99 years, sold for €1.

The Opposition Leader called on the Prime Minister to investigate all those involved in the awarding of the contract including Muscat. He said that Prime Minister Robert Abela should make use of his power and rescind the contract. Delia pointed out that the public private partnership was draining out taxpayers’ money and from which the country has reaped no benefits. The money could have been easily used for another initiatives, Delia said.

Delia said that as an Opposition Leader he did not the same powers as the Prime Minister to call in everyone and scrutinize the deal made. He referred to the court case which he instituted against the government in order to scrutinize the controversial deal.

“I challenge the Finance Minister, the Health Minister and the Prime Minister to come clean on where the taxpayers’ money went,” Delia said, pointing out that it was the people paying their taxes that are paying for the concession.

“The truth will come out eventually, the truth will emerge, the truth will win”, Dr Delia said.

Delia referred to articles which appeared in the international press which reported that Steward Healthcare is keen to enter into a public-private-partnership agreement in Albania. The article refers to Shaukat Ali Ghafoor casting his eye also on North Macedonia. He dubbed Muscat as an international criminal following the reports.

No plan for renewable energy

The Nationalist leader cited a survey which showed that the abysmal country’s ranking when it came to moving towards renewable energy. Reading out some of the percentages, he said that Malta stood at 7.7%. Delia said that the government had no plans on the way forward on renewable energy usage.

He remarked that the government was more interested in what it stood to gain from Electrogas’ dirt referring to corruption allegations than in a plan forward on alternative energy use.

Since he was speaking at Santa Luċija were trees were chopped down to make way for an infrastructural project, Delia said that not only the country had less trees and greenery but also lacked alternative and cleaner means to produce its energy.

“It is not enough to declare a state of emergency,” Delia said. He maintained that Partit Nazzjonalista will continue its fight against climate emergency, adding that the transition to renewable energy production should be the country’s top most priority and the necessary investment should be made.

Delia praised the health care professionals working at Mater Dei Hospital. He made a brief comment on their work after mentioning that his father was admitted in hospital after he fell off the ladder while harvesting oranges from their garden. He thanked them for their professional work.

A comment on the MaltaToday survey

Speaking about the MaltaToday survey which shows that Robert Abela’s trust ratings have skyrocketed while Delia’s have slumped to record low, the Nationalist leader acknowledged the results saying that he was in for the long-haul.

He insisted that it would be easier for one to give up. Delia said that he had a duty to keep on fighting out of a sense of duty to the country.

Opposition leader in complete detachment from reality – PL

In a reaction, the Labour Party said that it is clear that the Opposition leader is completely detached from everything happening around him due to his persistence on being negative.

PL said that there’s a clear difference between chatterboxes and people who actually take action. The party explained that while Delia is wasting his time talkin and ordering inquiries on everyone but himself, Prime Minister Abela has been taking action and has established a committee that is looking into the procurement agreement.