Joseph Ellis submits nomination for seat vacated by the late Frederick Azzopardi

Joseph Ellis has today submitted his nomination for the casual election on the 13th electoral district to replace the late PN MP Frederick Azzopardi.

On Sunday Ċensu Galea and Jason Zammit submitted their nominations

The candidates who are likely to replace Azzopardi are; Joseph Ellis, Ryan Mercieca, Maria Portelli, Jason Zammit, Ċensu Galea and Charles Polidano.

On Sunday, the Nationalist Party stated it is publicly disassociating itself from 2017 general election candidate Ryan Mercieca, who may seek to context next Thursday’s casual election to replace the late Frederick Azzopardi.

In his reply, Mercieca said that he did not say he will submit his nomination for the casual election.

The counting of votes for this casual election shall take place at the Counting Hall, Naxxar, on Thursday from 8:30 am onwards.