Jordan Azzopardi’s partner released on bail

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The woman that had been arrested in a raid during which the drug trafficker Jordan Azzopardi was caught, has been released against bail. She had been under arrest for the past two months.

Drug kingpin arrested

The 30-year-old woman who is also mother to five children was arrested in March in Madliena whilst she was visiting Azzopardi. The Police had followed her to the McDonald’s outlet in Għargħur, where she changed vehicles and from there went to a villa in Madliena.

On the day, the Police had also arrested a 66-year-old man that had admitted to his involvement in a case of fake banknotes, which allegedly was a plan made up by Jordan Azzopardi. He received a 3-year sentence for his crime.

The woman had pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against her which include the fake banknotes’ case, and possession of cannabis.

The complication of evidence against Azzopardi and the woman is still ongoing, however their defence has asked for their release from custody.

Court hears about drug kingpin’s extensive operation

Drug kingpin still under arrest

On Friday, the Criminal Court presided by Judge Edwina Grima accepted the request to release the woman against a bail of €15,000 with a personal guarantee of €30,000, as all the witnesses bar one who is also under custody have given their testimony. The Judge also took in consideration the woman’s prior clean conduct and the fact that she is unlikely to escape from the country as she has five children. The woman has a curfew and has sign the register at her local police station.