‘Join the anti-corruption protest’ – Delia urges public


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

‘We don’t need to agree on everything, but we do agree in principle,’ Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalist leader Adrian Delia said, urging the public to attend an anti-corruption protest organised by civil society organisations Repubblika and Occupy Justice.

In an interview on the party’s radio station, Delia explained that one need not agree with everything that one says, but in general, there is an agreement. “We need to show our disapproval of the pillaging of our country,” the Nationalist leader stated.

A protest demanding Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri resignation was announced on Tuesday afternoon by Repubblika and Occupy Justice, after the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri avoided his day in court by ceding a libel case in order not to testify under cross-examination on the Dubai-based company 17 Black which belongs to Electrogas Director Yorgen Fenech.

Protest demanding Schembri’s resignation announced

He highlighted that civil society has an important function in conveying its message of disapproval and protesting against corruption and the degradation of the environment.

“There’s outrage out there,” Delia remarked, referring to the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Keith Schembri avoiding his day in court by ceding the libel case he instituted against former Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Simon Busuttil. He added that it is unacceptable that Schembri who occupies a post in the country’s highest office, refused to testify fearing he’d incriminate himself.

“The moment he chose not to testify turned what Busuttil had said into truth,” Delia explained.

17 Black: Schembri withdraws libel suit

The Opposition leader stated that the government does not want a level playing field, citing the privatisation of three state hospitals.

“What happened to the millions that the government paid using taxpayers money to Vitals?” Delia asked, adding that these are important questions which the government has refused to answer.

In his concluding message, the Nationalist leader said that he convened a parliamentary group meeting on Saturday, to discuss the issues that the country is facing.

AQRA: Protesta fil-Belt nhar is-Sibt

Partit Nazzjonalista’s secretary-general Clyde Puli urged the party supporters to attend the protest in a statement sent on Saturday morning.

Puli held a meeting with members of PN’s sectional committees. The meeting was addressed by Director of the Electoral Office ELCOM Angelo Sciberras and Political Coordinator Amanda Abela.