Animal poisoning in new localities


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Be careful when taking your dog out for a walk; more snail poison has been found, this time round, in Qrendi. has been informed that the poison was found in roads next to Saint Matthew’s square.

This type of poison is allegedly being thrown on pavements, to poison tame animals that are of an inconvenience to unidentified individuals.

While use of the latter is illegal, several cases wherein this type of poison being found on local pavements are being reported on social media.

As a result, several dogs and tame animals are being poisoned, with some particular cases taking place a few months ago in Golden Bay and in Ta’ Qali Dog Park. has been informed that this type of poison has also been found in Pembroke, close to the BMX Track and Melita grounds, a picnic site.