“Jerma Development Brief is irregular” – NGOs

Seven non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have filed a judicial protest against the Planning Authority (PA) with regards to the former Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala.

In a statement, it was explained that the accusation is that the PA held a vitiated and irregular consultation procedure with regards to the Development Brief.

The organisations said that last year, the PA held a consultation exercise for the drawing up of a Development Brief for the site of the former Jerma Palace Hotel. The Local Plan defines the area which should be subject to the Development Brief, and the area is also defined in three maps.

However, the PA ‘chose to include further areas in the Development Brief exercise.’ The PA outlined a green area which should be accessible to the public and where no increase in height or volume is permitted.

According to the organisations, the PA also included a heritage site within the boundaries of the Development Brief area when there is already a policy applicable to the site. Moreover, the PA arbitrarily laid down an area of 100,000 square metres which should be developed within the site.

The organisations concluded by saying that these aspects are not in line with applicable laws and policies and called upon the authority to withdraw the flawed Development Brief exercise.

The organisations that filed the judicial protest are:

  • Din l-Art Ħelwa
  • Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar
  • Green House
  • Moviment Graffitti
  • Nature Trust Malta
  • Ramblers Association of Malta
  • The Archaeological Society of Malta