Jean Pierre Debono says he earns humble monthly sum from PN

Facebook - Jean Pierre Debono

The Nationalist Party’s Political Chief Co-Ordinator Jean Pierre Debono has said that he earns around € 2,000 a month from the PN. This came from a screenshot Debono published on Facebook.

Ħa tkun ċara ma' kulħadd biex ma jmurx ikun hemm min jaħseb li għandi x'naħbi. Il-paga tiegħi mill-PN fix-xahar hija kif…

Posted by Jean Pierre Debono on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

On Facebook, Debono said that during a fundraising marathon which took place a few months ago, along with his wife Kristy Debono collected “a little less than the sum of his salary amounted to in a full year.”

‘It is far cry from the € 50,000, € 70,000 and € 100,000 that have been mentioned by some individuals,’ Debono says adding, ‘This is not to fail to mention the limitless hours and condition given to the Party.’

Debono concluded by saying that if it the lies will not stop, the PN will not progress.