Iż-Żebbuġ primary school recognised as dyslexia friendly


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Iż-Żebbuġ primary school has been recognised as dyslexia friendly during a visit by Education Minister Justyne Caruana on Friday.

The Education Ministry explained that this would not have been possible without the support of the SpLD Service which aims at liaising with educators, parents, employers and society in general in order to promote awareness and understanding of dyslexia; empower the learner with dyslexia to fulfil his potential; and ensure that educators can support the individual with dyslexia as required in the mainstream class.

Educators have embraced strategies aimed at aiding students with dyslexia. Such techniques include multisensory and differentiate learning, strategies aimed at facilitating study and memory work. The techniques do not only aid students with dyslexia but help students generally in their studies.

Minister Caruana highlighted that the education system needs to be inclusive of each and every student without leaving anyone behind.

On Friday, Minister Caruana also paid visits to Qala and Nadur primary schools on the occasion of the United Nations World Soil Day. Both schools are participating in EkoSkola, an initiative led by Nature Trust – FEE Malta.

EkoSkola aims at mobilizing schools to empower students to adopt active roles in environmental decision-making and action in their school and community.

Minister Caruana had words of praise for such initiatives, noting that such activities highlighted the importance of natural environment.