It’s good to have doubts, Mgr Grech tells 2 to be ordained

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Apostolic Administrator of Gozo Bishop Mario Grech has advised two individuals who will be soon ordained to embrace their doubts throughout their formation. Doubts are a sign of critical thinking and one should continue praying and posing questions in order to discover God. The two individuals, a deacon and a seminarian, will be ordained priest and deacon, on 19 June.

Deacon Mario Mercieca and seminarian Andrew Grima made their declaration of faith and took their vow of faithfulness at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Victoria before Mgr Mario Grech.

During his homily, Mgr Grech spoke about having doubts during one’s spiritual journey. He maintained that when one was certain of one’s self, one would refrain from seeking more answers to questions, adding that certainty could hinder the path of formation. He likened doubts to a compass that would encourage one to seek God and develop one’s thoughts by entering into a critical dialogue when observing life and applying religious teachings. Doubts in one’s life and formation stimulate critical thinking, he told them.

Doubts strengthen one’s faith and encourage critical thinking, Mgr Grech stressed. He explained that the role of a priest in one’s community is to serve as a channel of communication between God and the faithful. He added that the process was not faultless but genuine efforts in good faith were appreciated more than repeating the teachings without adapting them to our time.

He advised the two individuals who will be soon ordained, to find a spiritual director who would help them on their spiritual path once they leave the comfort and certainty of the seminary. Mgr Grech encouraged them to keep their dialogue with God, as the Holy Spirit would guide them when facing doubts.