Italy’s interior minister orders effective enforcement during Christmas period

Dipartimento Protezione Civile

The Italian interior ministry has sent a circular letter to the nation’s regional prefects instructing them to implement “effective checks” to ensure that the restrictions the government has imposed over the Christmas period are being respected.

The whole of Italy will become a ‘red zone’ for all but four days over the Christmas holidays, meaning that people need to have a valid reason to be out of the home.

Among the restrictions, a maximum of two adults and their children under-14 are allowed to visit another person’s home.

The ban on moving between regions, except for work or health reasons or other situations of necessity, came into force last Monday and runs until the January 6 Epiphany national holiday.

The circular letter tells the prefects to organise checkpoints on highways and in urban areas to stop breaches of the rules and avert gatherings of groups of people and situations in which physical distancing is not respected.