Italy records over 22,000 new Covid-19 cases; More measures to be announced

italy coronavirus
Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Italy has registered some 22,253 new coronavirus cases on Monday, down from almost 30,000 of the previous day.

The daily death toll from the novel virus rose to 233, compared with 208 the day before.

The number of patients in intensive care rose above 2,000. The amount is higher than when Italy went into a nationwide lockdown during the first wave.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that new restrictions will come into force in the coming day but a nationwide lockdown will not be imposed. Italy is seeking to contain a surge of new infections, hospital admissions and deaths. The new measures include a national 9pm curfew, a ban on inter-regional travel and the closure of shopping malls at weekends.

The Guardian quoted a scientific advisor to Italy’s health ministry warning that the government is wasting time and should aim at taking tougher action, stressing that as the surge continues, hospitals are under strain.

Speaking in Parliament, Conte said that the new measures would include limiting travel between the worst-hit regions and a 9pm curfew. He voiced his concern about the numbers recorded over the recent days, as he warned that intensive care units would be overwhelmed in 15 out of the 20 Italian regions by next month.

Conte highlighted the need to introduce more restrictive measures as well as the need to divide the country according to risk level with the worst hit regions facing tighter restrictions.

The government is expected to issue a new decree in the coming days. This will be the fourth decree adopted in less than a month as the Italian government continues to ramp up efforts to slow the second wave.

The neighboring country was the first worst hit during the first wave of the pandemic recording over 38,000 deaths.